The Hotel in the Heart of Hamburg

  • Hamburg – always worth a visit!
  • Attractive single- and multiple-bed rooms

When you stay at our hotel, you'll experience Hamburg directly from the pulsing heart of the Schanzenviertel. All of Hamburg's attractions are right around the corner!

As a family, it took us a long while to find an inexpensive, family-friendly hotel. The Altan Hotel could offer us a 4-bed room right away. That way, we were able to explore the city together. It was a perfect weekend. The room, the price, the location – everything was just right.“

Jansen family -

As southern Germans, we have been meaning to visit Hamburg for years. With the Altan-Hotel, we found a house that is close to all of Hamburg’s main attractions. The service was great and the employees were friendly. We are looking forward to visiting again“

Jan Fennert and his wife -